Reviewing 2019 So Far

Sunset shot by one of our Hipcampers, Candy Delaney. She likes it here.

It has been a very long time since I posted anything. Unlike last year, this year has been a whirlwind of activity as I tried to re-establish myself as a teacher and studio owner after the barn project was (finally) finished. So many classes, so many new faces, so many good memories. I feel incredibly grateful for all of the support and have a renewed zest for teaching.

And now Nathan and I are moving into another realm with AirBnB (in addition to the area we already have set up for camping) and farm-to-table dinners in the barn.

This morning as I was doing the dishes, I started reflecting on all of this busy-ness and wondering why we do it. I can’t answer for Nathan, but for me, spending time in Nature has been an invaluable healing tool. I was an only child, so being outside, talking to the plants and animals provided some much needed company and relief from the chaos inside the house. As I got older and quieter inside, the rocks began to share their wisdom too and it became easier to hear the infinite knowledge of existence carried on the wind and through the water, like gentle whispers in my ear.

So often, I’ve heard the beings in Nature imploring me to spread the word that humans need to stop harming, stop taking so much out of fear and competition, and REMEMBER we are ALL LOVE, ALL ONE. Nature needs us as much as we need her. She needs us to listen, to break bread with her, love her the way a child loves its mother, and accept her ‘as is’. It breaks my heart always to know that this message I am given is so simple, so profound, and yet so hard for us to hear as a species. And I have to admit that I am remiss in spreading these words because the task seems too great, and who am I – some little blond girl that hears things? * chuckles sardonically *

So for me, having the ability to share our property with others is a true gift. Many who come here sense ‘something’ special about the farm and the barn — they like how it makes them feel. Maybe it takes them back to memories encoded in our DNA where we were once all closely tied to the land and the rhythms of Nature. Or maybe the guardians of the land have something to do with it. 😉 Whatever ‘it’ is, I hope that others can experience the loving embrace and magic of our property for the short time that they’re here — whether that’s for a class, a dinner, or to stay overnight.

Photo credit: Candy Delaney, Passionate Perspective Photography